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  1. You make it out today Chris? I'm so damn tired....
  2. Wake up Chris! Time for some sponging! -Vic
  3. Chris, tomorrow I need to run a few local errands, so Sunday is going to be the day I consider. Based on the forecasts, it appears that Sunday AM might be fairly clean but then again that has yet to be seen. - Vic
  4. vic - if this chest to shoulder swell actually materializes, do you want to head out this weekend? = )
  5. Believe it or not, I missed yesterday's secessions. Sad my true considering I had a prior engagement. I'm settling for today's possible leftovers, but not keeping my hopes too high. - Vic
  6. Vic, were you out today? Siiiccckkkkkk. DId you catch the NYBB pro? Hit me up on AIM at XLongBeachSurfnX - I have you on my BL. = )
  7. Duder, hit me up on AIM if you are looking to sponge. Always fun to hit up the swell with some locals. - Vic /
  8. Good to be back broheem..... now where the hell are these waves?
  9. Hey Vic - good to see you back online!! = )
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