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  1. Hey Man, Sorry about not getting back to you on the tatt idea..I have been super busy with other art..A piece for the IBA actually..and the E.C.S.C. stuff..I will play around with a few ideas the next few days and send them your way...Where are you thinking about about as far as tattooist?
  2. Hey man, I saw from a post of yours that your competing for doing the art for ecsc. I am contacting you to see if your intrested in doing some side work? I'm looking to have a surf art type tattoo designed for me. I'm not sure if your into this but thought id give it a shot. I'm looking to have some sort of wave, a surfer, the buxton lighthouse, maybe a flower or tree or something all put together in a surf art abstract kind of way. I really like heather browns style. Just let me know if your intested in the work. I'm located in vb. My email is
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