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  1. Yo.......

    I have special powers EROCK.....No I'm not a comic book kind of guy. I just have like a sixth sense about things. You are ok, Erock. Don't let anybody tell you different.

    You are a white southern protestant. I am an Irish, Catholic drunk from the North East, but you are cool in my book. I usually get drunk and go shoot at Brits but I wouldn't shoot you, Erock. I mean that. I would never shoot you, Erock.

    Erock don't get down about some points man......I, back in SJB days, got 9 points, two warnings and four bannings(2 days to eternity). Yo, I was posting on pictures, which apparently you can still do when you are banned. When you get banned you still come on here as your identity. You just can't post on the boards or visitor messages. So, yesterday I come on to talk to Dirty Mother and........Boom. I'm not SJB anymore........I'm just a guest. I don't know what happened. So I just registered again. I feel like I'm being set up or something.....

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