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  1. I go every Jan and hit it when the hurricane swells come by (not this year dammit) but I will be down this year about the same time as you (Oct Nov) depending on cold fronts. I make my strikes when its a sure bet. I try and get 2 cold front swells in a 10 day period if possible. Swellinfo and surfline are very helpful in making the long term forecast. Go north and hit wilderness too, usually fun when rincon is flat or small. Go get it man. I wish I could live there. Almost moved in 2005 but didnt because I was worried about my sons education. Hit me up if you need more, been going down there 10 years now and married to a PR woman. Cheers
  2. Hey,
    I've been noticing ya know a bunch about PR. I have a few friends that grew up or been transplants to Rincon. I have been hooked on the place since spring. Been pretty fortunate to know some of the right people. Do ya just go during the winter months or all times of the year? By the way I like ur avatar pic. Right on. I ll be down end of oct into nov. really wish I could stay for winter but that's my busiest time of the year. Keep on riding
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