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  1. You can find SJB on a few pictures of me, my first stoke picture and the one of me in my house on a 6'6 skate board. He and I have developed a friendship there. He is NOT Sloop John B....I already checked.

    And just in case we lose you.....I'm sending you a private message with my email addy.....if anything happens here, send me an email and I will make sure we all get to met up elsewhere. I have a private international surf group on's called MagicFaceWeed (we are people who met on MSW and got tired of their **** so we made our own group).
  2. Ha! I knew he had to still be lurking around. Did he send you a visitor message? Next time he writes you tell him SI is in dire need of a good story and SJB (not this new sloop john b character) style discussion.

  3. SJB told me to send you his love.
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