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  1. Ol' purple dude is new....and young I think. He's pretty funny. And I just left another comment encouraging bad! Does that make it a full 1 point warning?!

    You are sooooo funny, but very ego male provoking....I'm gonna miss you

    Or better yet, don't get banned......maybe?.....maybe not.

    We always have MFW
  2. Oh forgot to mention in the message below if you didn't realize, I wasn't just making fun of Purple headed out of the blue(that comment you thought was funny). He's been following me around taking shots at me. Another person trying to gain attention through me. I actually can't wait until I get banned.
  3. Hey you are getting a SWELLINFO warning for liking that Purple headed dude's comment. This warning is worth 0.05 points........HAHA

    But really that Purple Headed dude is getting on my nerves.

    Hope your weekend was smooth.......
  4. Yo, hope your weekend went well. What's up Ice Trey? I dig some of you Florida types.......

    Well I'm still here, I started a thread about pro surfers and energy drink sponsorships. Then went into my adventure on Stuyvesant Ave in Trenton NJ and how I freebased 5 Hour Energy and it turned into 125 Hour Energy because i Have been up for five days. So I got into a war with XGEN 70, he's worse than IHATELONGBOARDERS. I actually like IHL right now compared to Xgen. HA !!

    Well, get this, some moderator just deleted the thread.......I didn't get booted or nothing they just deleted the thread. What is going on here Dirty.....Something's not right. Why all of a sudden was I a "Guest" instead of SJB? And allowed to just start over again......? I feel some kind of plot...I don't know. My spies have informed me that Mr. Swellinfo is not on this continent for the next week(He's in MSW territory). I don't know if that has anything to do with it. Something ain't right.......
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