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Conversation Between NorthSeawallWill and GoodVibes

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  1. Hey you can write **** on my page.....I was just saying that golly, some of you fellows keep yapping at me but you keep watching me. I get confused. You guys hate me, but then, follow me around......

    Hey your name is Good vibes........but you weren't being too good viby to me......That's not right, man.
  2. Yo slick Will,no worries I'll leave your page alone. Don't want to make you uncomfortable or anything.That would be a long ride for me for a couple eggs thou.keep the faith.G-vibes
  3. Hey stop looking at my profile page. GAWD you keep saying crap about me yet you keep peering at me.

    Hey if you want to have a discussion in person over breakfast someday......Come to Hammonton, NJ.......or I can be found in Atlantic City. Let me know, ese.
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