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  1. Welcome man! Its a really cool place to go. Ive always wanted to go and visit the barrier island as well. Like to just explore and maybe find some nice break. Oh and the strange wildlife i think you may be talking about St. Catherines Island, i hear they have a great number of wild lemurs that live on the island! Pretty cool stuff man, i hope one day you get to check out Tybee!
  2. Thanks for the reply and the info. I've always had this fascination with the place since I used to see the Pier on The Weather Channel during hurricane swells(back in the late 1980's man). I have special powers and can tell I'd like that place. I'm kind of drawn to it.

    I also want to check out some them crazy islands you guys have down there. The more deserted and strange ones. I hear one of them has strange wildlife because the New York Zoo operates an animal study thing there. I've heard of some exclusive wealthy places on eeiry deserted islands. That's good stuff, man.
  3. Hey Paddington Jetty Bear! I love Tybee and everything about it, in reality i live on an island 10 minutes away that doesnt have any breaks so im on Tybee almost daily. Yes, it is pretty laid back and yes shops are open year-round. Its definitely more desolate in the winter, the population fluctuates greatly between winter and summer. Around 15,000-20,000 in the summer and around 5,000 in the winter. Theres the main break which is where most surf to the right of the pier, although i dont like surfing there becuase of how crowded it is. I always surf at 2nd street where they are barley any surfers ever, at least not during the summer. All you gotta do is watch out for the tourists (most dont know how bad a surfboard can hurt haha). But yeah,Tybees a great place to visit! But watch out if you come looking for waves in the summer, we have more than your average number of flat spells. I just cant wait for winter! Waves... no tourists... no jellies... peaceful.
  4. Hey GeorgiaSurfer, I know you are on the younger side, but besides the waves, what's Tybee Island like? It's got to be a pretty laid back palce, right?

    For some reason I've always wanted to go there. Did you like growing up there? Is it completely desolate? Do businesses stay open year round? What's the scoop, man?
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