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  1. XGEN, you need to find Jesus. Maybe he can contain your jealousy and rage. If you find someone annoying why do you seek this person out? My God you take the photos and Vince Boulanger sent you a visitor message. You should be content and happy.

    I'm not wacky in the way you think I am. I didn't go to any trouble to get back on here. One minute I was SJB posting on photos and the next time I came on - I wasn't SJB anymore. There was the new-timer message where it says, "Welcome XGEN 70," saying " New members must register. " So I had a clean slate.

    Dude, for a guy who is so happening in the OCMD area you sure have a lot of jealous rage.

    Oh, as I said, I'm not wacky in the way you think I am, but ................oh have you ever seen State Property or State Property 2? Two years ago those were the types of dudes I used to run with......
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