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  1. wildbill,
    Are you trying to find a good surf spot in myrtle beach area. Thats where I do most of my surfing if so try 64th ave. or grand dunes. let me know and I can give you more information. If you dont mind driving north wrightville beach has great Surfing. I am living on the east coast in florida till the end of the summer but I can still help if you need it. thanks doug
  2. Hi Doug...can you tell me a good area to surf for an old surfer getting reacquinted with the sport. I went down to around 13th street north (if I remember right) between Crescent and Ocean Drive a few weekends ago. There was a very strong side current there and it was over waist deep some spots while ankle deep just a few feet away. It may have just been that day...water very choppy and high winds....but it just wasn't very good.
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