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  1. crystal at like 2. and by the lifeguard tower on the same side that we always surf on.
  2. Where would we meet?
  3. are you gonna be there all day?
  4. I think I'm surfing at Crystal 2morrow since the tide will be high early
  5. ok. but the board is waxed u might wanna do it again i dont know. but the repair for the slice is water tight i took it out today and surfed ****ty waves and worked fine. but it might react different to some bigger surf.
  6. sure thing
  7. just let me know if u need it the other days that i cant surf. but u will have to sign a waver saying you are relaible for any damage that you to the board.
  8. but i doubt it
  9. I use your merrick if my green room isn't enough
  10. its a deal what? that u will call them or u will use my merrick or finally i will give u rides?
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