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  1. alright, it's a deal,
  2. just call uo green room and ask them about it.
  3. yeah. but i'll have my merrick with me if you wanna use it if the 5'11" doesnt do so well.
  4. Do you think I could handle well-overhead on my 5'11???
  5. ill defiently on friday and sunday. just let me know where and when and time and if u need a ride.
  6. but at least surf with us Friday
  7. He's better than Shane, don't worry
  8. i cant as both of my parents are going out of town and leaving me with a car. and what brandon?
  9. don't park, have someone drop u off
  10. i cant surf either thursday or saturday. but sunday i will. u just gotta pitch in for my parking if i do go to mercers.
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