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  1. I was on the pier downtown, so if you're talking about a board with yellow paint, then yes, I posted everything from Friday on Facebook.
  2. any pics of the spray painted up board? I think i saw you shooting
  3. I post all my pics on the : Ocean City Maryland Surfing Facebook group. I was only out on that day until about 10 because of work, I'll be at 48th st on Thursday morning and maybe 36th on Saturday morning, unless you know of someplace better.
  4. is that all the pics you got from contest day? If you got more let me know the gallery name so I can check em out thanks..

    Matt Slentz
  5. cool bananas I surf there sometimes.. Ill wave or somthing if I see you.
  6. I'll try, I work downtown, so I usually shoot at the inlet, I obviously prefer shots from the pier, so if you see a black dude taking photos from the pier or the beach, then it's me. Thanks for the input on the pics!
  7. hey i like your shots! Try get some of me this season ok.. Thanks brahdah!
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