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  1. right on, I've been wishin' i could be there since the swell arrived yesterday. have fun!
  2. calle and the pier... behind the hilton and 18th too...
    i'm leavin for JAX in about 3 hours.... gonna get some real waves in the morning.
  3. cool, Where do you usually surf. calle, Cross, pier? I've been hittin the sanbar at Portofino lately or first parking lot. I usually hit the cross on the bigger easterly groundswells though.
  4. born in south carolina, but raised in gulf breeze since i was 1
  5. Pensacola, born and raised. You?
  6. no problem at all!, where ya from???
  7. Hope you don't mind me adding you as a contact. Any friend of the Gulf is a friend of mine. P'cola surf aloha!
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