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  1. were you surfing in long branch....prob saw me!!! what beach
  2. yea hopefully
  3. yea people have been telling me were gonna get it could or completely i dont really know much now...hoping for something though
  4. yea... i actualy herd something about this storm coming off of africa called Bertha. But i have herd mixed views on that its going to give us waves or not.
  5. haha can get pretty out of control this time of year....but once comes september and hurricane season most should be gone hopefully
  6. it was insain there were 2 surf camps going just totaly madness... and on top of all of that i was going into a cutback and so guy grabs my leash saying you almost hit me this is a $800 longboard i picked up from Ron Jon..i wasent even close to him..i think its time to go to the secreat spots to escape the bennys
  7. 42 people at phillips..i remember like 3 weeks ago there was prob just as many
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