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Conversation Between terra-firma intolerant and wbsurfer

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  1. i probably will surf tomorrow.
  2. are you surfing tomorrow
  3. and just call me when you do go surfing or need a ride.
  4. ok. where do u wanna surf at?
  5. dude, lets go surfing again this weekend
  6. You wanna enter the kelp comp?
  7. I'm interested in that guys Billabong wetsuit... is is the same one that was posted in the "Pawn Shop" on the WBLive forum?
  8. dude be ready at 7 in the morning.
  9. dude go surfing tomorrow ill take you home u can get all of your stuff and ill have my gear in my car. if the surf is good.
  10. u gonna go shred the gnar tomorrow? if so what time and where?
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