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  1. dude it was so fun down at crystal all day until the storm came in. hope you got on it down at c-street.
  2. and when have you been cut off by a longboarder? and usually its not crowded at all in the morning during the week but during the weekend maybe a few more people are out in the lineup.
  3. ok mike you think that. but do what you want while surfing knee high waves when i will be getting some better ones.
  4. Are you kidding me? Crystal is waaaaaaaaaay more crowded!!! All the longboarders hog the only wave early in the morning... Stone st is all spread out... don't live in denial
  5. why do u always go to stone? crystal will be working off on the higher tide and wont be as crowded.
  6. I'll be at Stone
  7. but be at crystal.
  8. so around 9 or so. i can make that.
  9. figure it out man, low-high is about 6 hrs
  10. what time is mid tide? and high tide is after 1.
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