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  1. i went stone so now u gotta go crystal.
  2. you know I can't do that. I gotta go stone.
  3. mike. tommorrow were surfing at crystal. but not at sunrise.
  4. or when ever u get this message.
  5. call my cell. NOW!!!!
  6. stone street, sunrise.
  7. okay heres the scoop. i can do a dp but i have to leave around 8 or so to help my friend with a project. as long as its glassy.
  8. okay. make the call as long i would be around no matter what at leats 9.
  9. we'll still get waist high crap, but we gotta go in the morning, glassiness will prevail over high tide always!
  10. mike!!!! our swell for saturday is gone. its now longer glassy.
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