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  1. yo led do we have to bring our textbooks tommorrow for world history?
  2. If you go surfing Saturday, can i hitch a ride?
  3. yo mike you gotta bring a shoebox i cant find any.
  4. yo led this wbluke kid is a totall ass. i think we should get the "WB force" on them
  5. ill try but right now the rain stopped and its only 41 at the beach so its not that bad plus if you wear the top ull be fine. just tell him its not cold. and call me.
  6. Man, if my dad won't take me, can you give me a ride. He said if the weather is like it was this morning, he won't take me. ie. cold and rainy
  7. mike looking at magicseaweeds wind its around 12 the wind will be offshore. but thats magicseaweed.
  8. yes so i will be calling you during the day as im gonna be sitting upstairs all day and watching the cams so we can plan it just right.
  9. ok, here's the deal. The forcast for the afternoon says choppy, BUT at around 3pm or so, the wind will switch offshore, so we got to time it so we can have enough time but with clean conditions
  10. yeah but you never know. also im gonna shortboard it.
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