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  1. sorry it took so long to reply. i don't hit the profile thingy too often. the kit was about 400 bucks and had the blank, the resin, the bamboo cloth, all the sandpaper and most of the tools. i had to buy a block plane and a coping saw. i already had a sander, a drill and a dremel. the videos came with the kit and they helped a lot.

    just the kit without the tools and videos is about $250. shipping is cheap at $35.

    i am pretty happy with the board. it is a wide tailed fish with twin keel fins. does fine in mushy stuff. spins out without warning on big steep ones. i really think it will shine in summer slop.

    i just got a clark foam blank from a local shaper and will make a longer narrower board from that using regular glass to see which method is easier and which method yeilds better results.

    i live in salisbury and usually surf assateague. let me know if you want to catch a few.
  2. how much was the board kit?
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