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  1. Thank man. It really doesn't bother me, I've got pretty thick "e-skin". I surf Folly Beach and a little in Sullivan's Island here in Charleston, SC. Let me know if you ever make it down this way and I'll let you know where to go. Have a good one.

  2. Hey man....
    Sounds like you were asking a simple question and got bombarded with $##@ talking. Don't mind all the haters-not even worth your time. In all actuality, the most consistent sand bar on the island is just south of Crystal Pier. There are breaks all over the island and the downside to said spot is that it is always crowded-and lately especially with disrespectful kooks that are dangerous. Breaks better at high tide towards the north end as well. Breaks pretty good around C-Street/Atlanta, and it is also pretty good in from of the Blockade Runner Hotel. We have had a great past two months for the most part with swell-not looking to good through next week though-pack your log.....Hope that helps man.
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