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  1. notaseal
  2. red dog
    red dog
    trying not to sux
  3. throwing buckets
  4. Moon dog
    Moon dog
    Surf near me as a friend and I will share Surf aggressively I will snake you
  5. DawnPatrol321
    Wtf is a status message?
  6. sisurfdogg
    58 years old, still shortboard good waves, really annoyed by tech culturre, and I'm sure SUPs must die so surfing can live. Life is goode.
  7. Scarecrow
    Scarecrow LostKahukuBoy
    Surf City is terrible, it seldom lives up to its name. Yet, strangely it draws quite the crowd in the warmer months whenever there's a bit of swell. Go figure.
  8. LostKahukuBoy
    LostKahukuBoy Scarecrow
    Don't ya know the running gag around NC is that Topsail/Surf city are terrible waves? Guess we should keep the "truth" out there and spread the "good word"
  9. illuminite
  10. illuminite
    hi illuminite
  11. Moon dog
    Moon dog chainey
    Dude we should surf OBX this summer.
  12. LBCrew
    LBCrew raddadbrad
    What's up brother... it's your neighbor, Earl. Good to see you on the forum!
  13. daeggman
  14. Riley Martin's Disgruntled Neighbor
  15. Moon dog
    Moon dog
    Must have had a brain fart lasr night.
    One of my favorite surfers rides a
    Boogie Board. Last time I rode with
    him I was on my 12' Nolte . We looked
    like David & Goliath
  16. Moon dog
    Moon dog
    WTF is a booger? The only booger I know comes out of a nose.
  17. Moon dog
    Moon dog JawnDoeski
    Grew up in NH still have family there.
    Hence I travel back every now and then.
    Not into Hindus but I don't mind Amish
    I also have cousins in borden town NJ
  18. JawnDoeski
    JawnDoeski Moon dog
    Yo moon dog! What's up dude are you making a trip up the east coast? What's bringing you to NJ the availability of cheap drugs or possibly the Hindus? I likez those things moon dog...
  19. Moon dog
    Moon dog JawnDoeski
    Can stop by your home break some time in 2015.
  20. metard
    metard zach619
    the forum needs your novellas

    come back pls