North Carolina Longboard Riders

  1. yarddog
    welcome to North Carolina Longboard Riders!
    i know there aren't many people, but spread the word. this could become an awesome social group!! thanx!
  2. Krankor
    Where are you from?
  3. yarddog
    i live in beaufort. and surf atlantic beach, shackle ford banks, and core banks. you?
  4. yarddog
    welcome enjoy the slide. what ya ride and where??
  5. yarddog
    hey, we got a small ground swell coming this weekend! i think knee high..
  6. yarddog
    to all, give a little on your home break... what you should ride , where at, precautions, and how big it gets!!!!!
  7. yarddog
    good swell this weekend!!!!!!
  8. terra-firma intolerant
    terra-firma intolerant
    wow, no one posts in this group... talk people! how about that swell and Sunday when the winds are supposed to clean up! My board is an 8 foot Gary Wilson "fun gun" so It's more like a long shortboard than a longboard, but longboarding is cool, I wanna learn to noseride sometime
  9. surfsupyo
    hi any one hear i live on west coast of fl
  10. surfsupyo
    hello i live on west coast fl
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