North Carolina Longboard Riders

  1. KicknoutnNC
    Whats up, guys! New to the group! Live around charlotte,nc and go down to cb or kure alot. looking for some contacts in the area. Tore acl so i have a few months yet to rehab.... just wanted to say "hi"
  2. yarddog
    how about this winter. i got a new 4/3 e3 bomb and the surf isnt as good as this summer was
  3. barryob
    What's up everybody. I decided to represent for p'cola.
  4. Wildbill
    Hi....I was an avid surfer for about 10 years a long, long time ago and surfed mostly at Tybee Island, Folley and Myrtle Beach. I had a Gordon & Smith Magic that was about 7'8" and I loved it. It was stolen at about the time I was getting into marriage, children, bills, working, getting landlocked,etc. and I quit. Now, about 25 years later, I've gotten the bug again and I just bought a G.Wilson Kingfish 7'6" board. It's not technically a long board, but I want one of those too. I joined this group for information on longboarding.

    To be honest, after reading a few mags and messages on the internet, surfers have really gotten down on "kook" and I guess that I'm at least a semi-kook due to age and time since last surfing. So, I'm a little hestitant to go where the young guns are surfing. Where does an old surfer go to get reacquainted with the waves?

    I plan to get a longboard just as soon as I can swing it.
  5. Wildbill
    I should have added that I'm in Fayetteville, NC.......still not on the coast, but at least closer
  6. yarddog
    im here, late as usual. how is west caost??!
  7. Wildbill
    Bought a cheap 9'2" longboard and am anxious to try it out. Probably will head down around Wrightsville. Haven't been there before. Where's a good location....especially for someone getting back into it and not on top of the game any longer?
    Hello from NJ
  9. ECboarder
    hey guys. im from VB (one of the best spots to longboard on the coast because of the lack of big waves)
  10. yarddog
    to bad i was forced to move to key west. i really hate it here. i went from cape lookout to flat everyday!
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