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    1. Ghost of SJB
      Ghost of SJB
      Saw my message "down where?"

      Nahh, dude, I don't do Western PA. I don't know, I guess I would dig cruising around Pittsburgh. Sorry, no ride out that way, plus I have junkies to "cure" tomorrow. I was never mad at you Clemson, you were being snippy to me when I returned. I, of course, never let snippiness pass without a retort or four.

      Sure, Clemson, we're fabulous pals.
    2. H2O'C
    3. H2O'C
      Thanks for digging the art! Happy to share!
    4. brewengineer
      Hey man, good to see another charleston area surfer on here. I don't make it down to Folly that much, but I do like surfing 6th st East. I am usually hitting IOP on the weekends.
    5. wave1rider65
      Nice to see someone with a bit of intellectual stability. Thanks for your comment on my Vid.
    6. NCsurfer
      Thanks for the help with Rincon I cant wait to go this next 3 months will get slower and slower, but once im there time will fly.
    7. respecttheocean
      Hey man....
      Sounds like you were asking a simple question and got bombarded with $##@ talking. Don't mind all the haters-not even worth your time. In all actuality, the most consistent sand bar on the island is just south of Crystal Pier. There are breaks all over the island and the downside to said spot is that it is always crowded-and lately especially with disrespectful kooks that are dangerous. Breaks better at high tide towards the north end as well. Breaks pretty good around C-Street/Atlanta, and it is also pretty good in from of the Blockade Runner Hotel. We have had a great past two months for the most part with swell-not looking to good through next week though-pack your log.....Hope that helps man.
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