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Sep 14, 2014
Jun 7, 2014
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Hammonton, NJ
My job is pointless. I serve no purpose. None of t

Ghost of SJB

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Sep 14, 2014
    1. Riley Martin's Disgruntled Neighbor
    2. metard
      Moral law is an invention of mankind for the disenfranchisement of the powerful in favor of the weak. Historical law subverts it at every turn. A moral view can never be
      proven right or wrong by any ultimate test. A man falling dead in a duel is not thought thereby to be proven in error as to his views. His very involvement in such a trial gives evidence of a new and broader view.
    3. metard
      The willingness of the principals to forgo further argument as the triviality which it in fact is and to petition directly the chambers of the historical absolute clearly indicates of how little moment are the opinions and of what great moment the divergences thereof. For the argument is indeed trivial, but not so the separate wills thereby made manifest. Man's vanity may well approach the infinite in capacity but his knowledge remains imperfect and howevermuch he comes to value his judgments ultimately he must submit them before a higher court. Here there can be no special pleading. Here are considerations of equity and rectitude and moral right rendered void and without warrant and here are the views of the litigants despised. Decisions of life and death, of what shall be and what shall not, beggar all question of right. In elections of these magnitudes are all lesser ones subsumed, moral, spiritual, natural.
    4. JawnDoeski
      Yeah I seen you looking first Ghost!LOL You trying to homo thug me bawl?
    5. metard
      where did you go?
    6. ClemsonSurf

      I mean that in ghost talk not how usher uses it.
      Nah, no bad blood here, I like you man. Your one of the only posters who's not a total goon. You have every personality defect in the book and I admire that. It was fun going at it with you. Some of the stuff you wrote was pretty funny. I had the insta ban thing going too. Someone loves to report me too. People are really sensitive here.
    8. Ghost of SJB
      Ghost of SJB
      I was BANNED today for a period of time. For some reason I checked back in later, and now I'm not BANNED.

      Strange stuff even for a ghost.
    9. Stranded in Smithfield
      Stranded in Smithfield
      Yeah... bygones be bygones. Not sure why I was a **** either...maybe moving back to the east coast with no waves and too much time on the internet looking for jobs. So apologizes regardless. Swellinfo is a nice place to get a laugh, commiserate about surf, and blow off work for a minute. Welcome back, its a better place with you.
    10. yankee
      Just saw the req....done deal!
    11. Ghost of SJB
      Ghost of SJB
      Hey, some of youse guys do realize that these VISITOR MESSAGES are able to be seen by EVERYONE, right?

      I've gotten some of y'alls real names via these VISITORS MESSAGES, and that makes my job way too easy.

      George Pierce !! George Pierce !!!

      Ah, you guys worry too much. Nobody's going to hunt you down for sodomy.
    12. Ghost of SJB
      Ghost of SJB
      I hate working in the Camden area. I really do.

      I hate public transportation unless I'm high.

      I hate white trash.
    13. ClemsonSurf
      Bill, I saw your message down there. I'm bored in Pittsburgh so I've been perusing the forum and profiles. Hey, can you hitch a ride to Pittsburgh? I'd pick you up but I don't have a car either. Anyway, I'm glad you're not mad at me anymore. We're friends you know. Sometimes friends just punch each other a little bit. We've been friends for a long time actually. I think you were looking for me on youtube on a hurricane sandy video or something for Folly Beach. I wasn't in that vid, in fact I missed the entire Sandy swell. I can't remember why but I was out of town. Oh well, have a good one friend!
    14. Ghost of SJB
      Ghost of SJB
      Man, I couldn't sleep last night. I'm such a lightweight these days that a few percs keeps me up all night. Crazy.

      How you guys doing today?
    15. archy 2.0
      archy 2.0
      hahaha SJB what up?
    16. goosemagoo
      Keep it up man. You're entertaining as hell on here.
    17. Ghost of SJB
      Ghost of SJB
      Man, this place is getting kind of gay. Like a gay pride march, kind of gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
    18. Ghost of SJB
      Ghost of SJB
      There's a couple people who haven't responded to my friend requests. They've had a few days. AND....well it's pissing-me-off.....

      Shoot, I just broke a lamp.
    19. Ghost of SJB
      Ghost of SJB
      I have so many friends.
    20. seldom seen
      seldom seen
      I know what it is you be sayin'. I guess I'll have to make an exception in the name of diplomacy and put my feelings towards New Jersey to the side. I respect your ambassador-esque efforts.
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    My job is pointless. I serve no purpose. None of t
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    I was born on the streets where new residents of the wrong color had their houses firebombed. But eventually the bombers lost. I spent a childhood of trauma moving from one location to the next. That is why I am so messed-up as an adult.

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