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Apr 7, 2021
    1. Paddington Jetty Bear
      Paddington Jetty Bear
      Yo Sheetglass,

      How you a doing, man? Hope all is well. Allahu akbar. Ha..........


      Paddington Jetty Bear
    2. dawnpatrol1187
      I hear you like cheese.
    3. sheetglass
      SJB- I appreciate the kind words and offer of invite, but I admittedly don't make it that far north all that often. It's hard for me to bypass the Graveyard when looking for such things. Regardless, I'll keep your offer in mind.

      Maybe i'll pipe up more one of these days. I talk on here on the occasion I feel there's something that needs to be said, but rarely otherwise or even then. I haven't really figured out how to deliver a good internet stinkeye quite yet.

      I only have this to say about the new SJB, however he was incarnate: I'm glad he's back. Keep us updated if he appears in any other outlets.

      And for the people that don't "get" you, oh well man. Are those games that you'd even really want to win?
    4. NorthSeawallWill
      Hi sheetglass. You are one cool dude. You have good taste. Keep up the good work. You ever need anything or some Jersey info, you come see me.

      You should speak up some more, dude......let your voice(words) be heard(seen).

      The resurected SJB......dude, I went on Swellinfo to post on the photos and I wasn't SJB anymore......I was just a member ! So I signed up anew. Twitchen huh....
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