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Jul 8, 2017
Sep 2, 2008
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Jul 8, 2017
    1. GoodVibes
      What happened to the rest of you fish?lol
    2. NorthSeawallWill
      Super Fish,

      Out of all the people who don't like me, I like you best. You are my favorite hater. At least you have some class.

      Hey man, don't get shot by any of Allen Iverson's cousin's, ok.

      I have no idea how I got back on here. I could post on pictures when I was banned and when I clicked on I was always, "SOUTH JETTYBILL." Then one day I came on and I was just a I re-registered......and here I am.

      I can't wait to get banned again.......I'm tired of fighting nimrods. But I ain't backing down to some dork from Southern North Carolina. Ya know what I'm sayin' ?
    3. SouthjettyBill
      Fish, I'm still working on your theme song. I'm having trouble with it.

      Hey Fish, how come you find it confusing when two swell predicting sites have differing opinions? Plus that Surfline thing is a complete joke. They don't care about the east coast. They just throw out a number.

      Hey Fish don't drown out there in the next few days.

      I love you
    4. SouthjettyBill
      Fish I'm back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      OMG I have missed you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      You were talking a little smack about me when I got banned(for the third time). That's not very nice Fish. Naughty britches.......naughty britches. But that's ok........I'm KOOKY AS HELL...........I'm completely nuts Super Fish........completetly nuts.......

      I did cry when you bad mouthed me. It hurt.......It hurt real bad..........
    5. SouthjettyBill
      Fish, I'm back. So there will be waves soon..........
    6. SouthjettyBill
      Yeah FISH, I'm stoked you got waves tonight. I'm living vicariously through you tonight. Good deal, man.
    7. SouthjettyBill
      Darn that Mr. Swellinfo guy. Hey do you know anything about constructing websites? How's your technology skills?
    8. SouthjettyBill
      Hey did you or Mr. Swellinfo delete that thread, " I have a request" or something like that when you said I should Vlog. I was looking for someone's name on there, and now it's gone. OMG you're not distancing your self from me are that hurts man. If you did it let me know.
    9. SouthjettyBill
      Hey Mr. Super Fish. Hope you are good today. Peace.
    10. SouthjettyBill
      Why do some of you people feel you get to control what others post? So what, I talked about Dog the Bounty Hunter....yeah.....Most of the threads are completely boring. They deal with topics only five year old groms would find interesting. Was I supposed to be blown away by your suggestion of San Diego and Hawaii?

      Just curious are you an older, Virginia Beach area, military guy? You seem very rigid and way too structured. Loosen-up man.....Don't take everything so seriously. At least I don't post threads about bodily functions out in the ocean, right ? I'm not that bad, right ?

      I love you.
    11. SouthjettyBill
      Mr. Super Fish. You seem to get upset or offended by me when I have never meant to show any disrespect. I'm a strange character and my mind goes out there at times...I go of topic........First of all I have never said anything cocky to you. You are misreading my tone or something. I apologize if you have taken offense, but it was unintended.

    12. 609Surfer
      you ever come and shoot in Stone Harbor?
    13. chichacho
      yoooo. you shoot alot around southern oc nj? pictures look familiar
    14. Mikey
      sorry it took so long to reply. i don't hit the profile thingy too often. the kit was about 400 bucks and had the blank, the resin, the bamboo cloth, all the sandpaper and most of the tools. i had to buy a block plane and a coping saw. i already had a sander, a drill and a dremel. the videos came with the kit and they helped a lot.

      just the kit without the tools and videos is about $250. shipping is cheap at $35.

      i am pretty happy with the board. it is a wide tailed fish with twin keel fins. does fine in mushy stuff. spins out without warning on big steep ones. i really think it will shine in summer slop.

      i just got a clark foam blank from a local shaper and will make a longer narrower board from that using regular glass to see which method is easier and which method yeilds better results.

      i live in salisbury and usually surf assateague. let me know if you want to catch a few.
    15. mexsurfer
      you just have to go to everyone. one time there was even one in the garbadge, but it was unfixable.
    16. mexsurfer
      my longboard is 2 inches thick. it is VERY SLOW! for the wooden longboard you have to decide what you have to do a couple seconds before you do something on a wave. and its 9'6 so it doesnt have a leash. but for 5 bucks at a garadadge sale ill take it.
    17. rgnsup
      Nice vids... I heard that place is good..never been there tho. I usually BB at my local right now which is AC. But I'm moving to Tuckerton, NJ which my new local will be LBI..which I have been surfing for about 6 years.
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