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    1. pvelit
      What happened with my swellinfo forecast page. it is not showing any forecast... shows 1-3 ft for every day of the week. this is happening for about a month now.

      Is there anything wrong with the page? or am I doing something wrong?
      1. lv2srf
        Been asking the same question! Missing the displays we previously relied on.
        Aug 2, 2019
      2. lweinstein
        I am having the same issue - any resolution?
        Aug 8, 2019
    2. fl.surfdog
      I would give you some feedback on Swellinfo's new layout...let me know
    3. SculptorMatt
      hello. i was surfing darlington in deal nj on sunday. in front of the small jetty. there were a bunch of photogs on the beach and jetty and i believe i was shot by some of them. i was riding a bright RED 8'1" and am a goofy footer. if you have photos, or knows someone who does please let me know! i am willing to pay good money. PLEASEEEEE!!!!!

      thanks in advance!
    4. ocmdsponger94
      hey, i don't know if you've seen it yet but the bodyboarding forum is getting bogus threads started. i don't know if you can do anything about it but i thought id just throw it out there
    5. isurfbetter
      will you make a forecast for anna maria island fl please
    6. beachbreak
      i knew it would be awful up here again today.
      i went to cm.
      next time you're headed up this way i could give you a heads up.
      not working here at all this swell.
    7. hanna
      hi admin - great site, but i only see 5 days of forecast when i am using Firefox on my desktop pc (XP). i see the full seven days with other browsers and i see the full seven days when using Firefox on my laptop. any idea why that might be?
    8. BoogieNation
      i did that oc beach fest last year : ). hope to see you around in summer.. i got to get in one session in with you thins summer
    9. jbwave69
      Anybody out there watching the seal surfing 48th street this a.m.? Cool!
    10. Ripcurl058
      hey, do you think you can do something about the ads? The one with the fat woman on it is just not something i wanna be looking at. Love the site. Thanks
    11. nybodyboarder
      Hey swell, i was just on youtube looking at some videos and i saw yours, the MIA bodyboarding video, i was just curious if u had any left. If so please let me know i would definately want to buy one. thanks
    12. MDSurfer
    13. ECSURFR
      Hey micah, just trying to plan out this weekend for OC. Im checking your report for say and its calling for north wind 5-10 and im looking at NOAAs report calling for 20mph out of north. Just curious your thoughts. I guess any sort of W or NW is out of the question now?
    14. jaxsond
      Thanks for the kudos on the photo but more thanks for the forecast!

      I grew up surfing the barrier islands of NC and before swellinfo I always gravitated back to OBX whenever there was an imminent swell. This time, trusting your forecast which have been locally pretty spot on, I decided to go south on the prediction of offshore winds and overhead waves in St. Augustine. It paid off. Thanks!


      P.S. I have no affiliation with the Surf Station in St. Augustine but what a great surf shop! They hooked us with great restaurant suggestions and local "insider" surf suggestions!
    15. MadIrish77
      Been internet abstinate for a while. I'm back, love what you've done with the site :)
    16. BigVic
      Duder-ific, hit me up if you are going to NY for the swell. I will be there. -Vic
    17. EastCoastBodyBoarder
      yo swell im heading up to Deleware next friday know any good surf spots
    18. chillisurfer
      Is it possible for either you or me to delete pictures I posted up? I didn't realize my friend uploaded a few of the same pictures I did. Thank you
    19. A-FRaME-GaINES
      hey man i was wondering if there is a way to change your username without changing your current profile, member status, pics and all that?
    20. mexsurfer
      what made you want to make swell info
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    Swellinfo.com of course.
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