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Sep 28, 2021
May 25, 2006
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BANNED by weaker, lesser men Nov 29, 2018

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Sep 28, 2021
    1. xgen70
      BANNED by weaker, lesser men
    2. NorthSeawallWill
      XGEN, you need to find Jesus. Maybe he can contain your jealousy and rage. If you find someone annoying why do you seek this person out? My God you take the photos and Vince Boulanger sent you a visitor message. You should be content and happy.

      I'm not wacky in the way you think I am. I didn't go to any trouble to get back on here. One minute I was SJB posting on photos and the next time I came on - I wasn't SJB anymore. There was the new-timer message where it says, "Welcome XGEN 70," saying " New members must register. " So I had a clean slate.

      Dude, for a guy who is so happening in the OCMD area you sure have a lot of jealous rage.

      Oh, as I said, I'm not wacky in the way you think I am, but ................oh have you ever seen State Property or State Property 2? Two years ago those were the types of dudes I used to run with......
    3. Gabe
      hey could ya send me some of those pics from the good day that i skipped school that we were talkin about? [email protected]

      thanks sc
    4. DPR
      is this that guy from the beach that was taken pics on 4/2/11 of empties and the bodyboarder wit the red board?
    5. bradflora00
      yo its brad flora the kid with the ****ty black spiral on my board from this morning, can you email me any good ones that you may have gotten of me? thanks mang
      [email protected]
      be easy
    6. vince b
      vince b
      hey man this is vince boulanger im not sure who this is but i just talked with the editor at esm and he told me to get whoever i have shot with to send him like their best 5 or so photos of me. I really dont know what you have but i like this shot and i would appreciate it very much if you took the time to send this photo and any other ones you like of me to [email protected]. Please get back with me on my email [email protected]. Thank you for ur time and great photos!!!
    7. DPR
      could i c the pics u have of me somehow
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