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    1. KillaKiel
      Good call on recommending CFL. Hope all is well
    2. metard
      the forum needs your novellas

      come back pls
    3. metard
      sup dog?
    4. dudeclimbing
      I here ya. I have 3 drift drift boats I made while living in michigan. 12,14,16 ft. 12 only out here. Ya need to float let me know. Between my friends we can make it happen. We all have boats, rafts, kayaks, & boards and extra stuff. Typical week end is float 1/2day. Go see sum bands riverside in middle of bfe. And they are real bands. Stay overnight on river. Get up, hot spring it. Float, drink n such. Stay on river at night again. Then hit the real stuff for one day. Then shuttle back home. Wife loves it. She fishes. N sponges in the holes. No leash stuff here, it will kill ya. We just stager safety catches with peeps below in the river. Oh don't bring anything good to ride. Rocks teach ya it. Campfires n bright stars! What's not to like. Just let me know. Friends of ours surf rivers in Idaho. We all go to PR. and HI. Just not often enough.
    5. ClemsonSurf
      Hey, I tried to PM you but your inbox is full... So here's what I was gonna send

      Hey man, I've been meaning to say hello for a while especially when I heard your problems getting out between work and kids. I've got a 2 1/2 yr old son and my daughter is 10 months. My wife waits tables in a restaurant on Folly and is killing it right now so that's great but it means I watch a lot of swells pass on by. Nevertheless, I'm gonna get out there at some point this week. You should head up this way if the swell is missing HHI. It probably won't be epic but it was stomach to chest today and should be in that range for the rest of the week.
    6. GoodVibes
      So Zach,Think we can get a Fantasty football league going?Is everyone in the surf league keeping up with it every week?
    7. GoodVibes
      Ya man,I hear ya.As Denver fan Im in the same boat.Who would of thought the Chiefs and Raiders would be on top.Crazy year.
    8. zach619
      Dude, I know. I wouldn't touch Mathews in Fantasy. I have Tolbert on my bench still. I never trust a rookie thrown into a primary role so soon. Sh**, the bolts are a lowly 3-5 team, mean while, my Chargers LTs are collecting dust and LT is collecting touchdowns in NY!!! Crazy.... And this is why the Chargers are going to be "The Los Angeles Chargers" soon. Every home game is blacked out, so we can't even see Mathews performance in its entirety.
    9. GoodVibes
      Dude,So far your boy Matthews is a bust.He was my 2nd pick in fanasty.Maybe it wasnt Tomlinson after all.
    10. super fish
      super fish
      I went to Lahaina last August for a week. The surf was relatively flat-knee to thigh at best. I didn't have much luck finding a shop that had legit boards to rent. Maui tends to be the more touristy island, so they expect everyone to ride foam / BIC boards. I wish I could have brought my own, but I didn't want to risk damage and pay the extra money to haul them around the airports. As for surf spots, the one I surfed almost everyday was just south of Lahaina. I can't remeber the name, but there is a main road that runs along the coast with small parks/beaches spotted along the road where mostly everyone surfs. I also heard that Maui is very local, so if you manage to find a less popular spot be careful. If you get a chance, go to Oahu which is a lot more fun, relaxed, and less touristy in my opinion.
    11. zach619
      I agree. I think that whatever they just did downtown, has now blocked the ability to be prosecuted. I am definately looking into it. This is nuts.
    12. johhnyutah
      Hey Zach, I thought that San Diego Baykeeper had won a case against the City for their combined sewer overflows. You may want to call them to check on the status. The permits you are talking about are absolutely disgusting. how is it okay to dump raw sewage into our public waterways? Pisses me off so much! Peace,

    13. Shakagrom
      Dude I was just in San Diego over the Valentines/Presidents Day weekend!!! Surfed Windensea and La Jolla Shores and had tons of fun! But you San Diegans are so spoiled- the water is friggin 60 degrees and people are paddling out and saying "It's a bit chilly this morning." Hahaha =] Compared to high 30 degree waters, 60 degrees is like a tropical paradise. Where were you surfing this past weekend? Maybe I saw you...
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