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    You only tried it for 15 minutes?

    So you paddled out and rode 1 or 2 waves and gave up?
    I will trade it for a 7 ft egg that is in good shape, been in the water way more than 15 minutes.
    It is very forgiving and thick as well.
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    So there is no surf in EI huh???

    Thats weird, magicseaweeds shows that the swell is at 7ft with a 9 second period with wind blowin right in the water, but the report on this site says the waves are not rideable...must be swell...
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    Aren't bodyboarders 10 year old kids playing in the shorebreak?:p
  4. ?

    Yeah, I benny around the block more than you you.
    I grew up in Santa Cruz, I lived less than 15 minutes from THE LANE! That makes me so cool that I should ride any board anywhere I want. I'd even...
  5. dude,

    Get over yourself, nobody cares what you hate or dislike, GO HOME!
  6. Oh no, they were not surfers in the way they were...

    Oh no, they were not surfers in the way they were swimmers,just wading in front of all the surfers! Most surfers I have seen are cool. I ride a longboard so I am further out then the shortboarders,...
  7. So I just started surfing on the east coast...

    I have just got back into surfing, bought a longboard a while back went to nags head. Not to bad actually got to ride the waves the water was warm (usta surf out west)....I like this!
    The next time...
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