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    At least there is a ramp

    yeah northkook cool you dont like it dont skate it at least there is a place for the kids to skate and someone donated the ramp maybe they dont like you what did you donate to the cause nothing hey...
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    are you frickin kidding

    yeah i will draw you a map then post it on this page so we can turn these places into a kook pit like de and oc in the summertime. the best things in life are best kept to yourself.
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    what is this english class

    so what is your view on this dont worry about my grammer worry about the subject at hand you are one of those people with too much time on your hands this could be a devistating blow to a great...
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    Bbq the plover

    yeah another example GOVERMENT CONTROL and people with TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR on their hands i am all for saving the envoirment it is not like we hunt the birds people are having a hard time feeding...
  5. let it be

    yeah good spots but not something to advertise on the internet
  6. burton plates

    this has been a problam since the begining burton makes a good stick but simms had a board out first then burton patend the snow board and has been robbing people ever since i have some plates that...
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