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    Rip Curl E-Bomb vs F-Bomb

    My parents are going to buy me a new wetsuit for christmas. I think the F-Bomb would be better for me, but those at surf shops and my mom due to the difference in price is saying the E-Bomb.

    Ill be using it during March-November, it will be 4/3, I am only 110 pounds and have barely any fat on me so I get cold easier then anything even in the summer I need the wetsuit on because I get to cold without it. This year I want to focus on really big hacks and turns, and airs to so I guess i need flexibility? This is all in New Jersey by the way.

    Idk, what do you guys think?

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    Looks like you're stuck in a pickle. You say you're really light and will get cold fairly often even during summer, however you want to step it up and get some air

    So you know, the e-bomb has no type of fire skin/wall or any type of insulation. It's strict flexibility, so you'll be pretty cold. However, the F-bomb has plenty of fire skin to keep you warm and it most certainly won't restrict your flexibility to the point where you have trouble turning.

    All in all, get the F-bomb