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    Winter Wetsuit Hood

    Hey guys,

    Just quick question, got a great new winter suit, with hood attached.

    Just want to know; I put the hood on and pulled the cord on the side of the hood as far as it goes making it seem nice and tight but I find that most of the time when I wipe out it leaks in water from the sides, is this normal, the water comes in and hits my ear, itís not loads but enough to make me concerned come Jan/Feb when water gets really cold and enough so that when the water enters I feel I have to turn my head to the side and kind of drain the water out.



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    My suit lets almost no water except the chest zip just pull it tighter but falling that will happen sometimes

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    It's normal, when you wipe out you're underwater and get tosses around quite a bit. Your hood then could become a little loose; even if it doesn't the movement and pressure will get some water in for sure

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    Maybe you have a funny shaped head... like a knuckle. Ha!

    Yea... it's normal for most people, especially if you have a smaller head. If you're getting flushed, that's one thing. But some water in around the opening is pretty much expected. Just keep pulling it tight throughout your session. It's all you can do...