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    Monmouth Beach, NJ
    I got out of work with very little time to surf today. So I just headed straight to where I knew it would be good, and surfed for an hour and a half before it got dark. There were 25 guys in the water at one point. The swell angle shut a lot of places down and concentrated the crowd. I got a few but at one point started getting kind of pissed off and frustrated, wishing I was solo. But for only surfing for 6 months, don't surf alone.

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    either way it don't bother me if there is a crowd there are only 5 or 6 guys I am friends with that surf. Surfing alone is only recommended for the seasoned surfer. I have surfed knee high days and head high days alone and it a very special feeling to know that you can depend on yourself when the cards are not in your favor and coming out victorious

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    Even in a crowd, you're still alone

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    If you're asking, you probably shouldn't go solo.

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    Hardcore Chillers Unite!

    Yea all great points, thanks!

    If there are any people out there that can do week days here and there and of course weekends let me know, but at the moment shoulder is my limit. I want to push further but know that it will become demoralizing and knock my confidence down, so for only going at it six months I'm fine with the shoulder for now.

    I made a group on facebook, just because it seem the majority of people are on there, so if you surf in the Monmouth area, as DICEMAN said, we are down to meet chillers and surf up.

    Have a good one!

    Facebook Link:http:!/...20055014707799
    The Surf Shack (Monmouth NJ) Area

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    Years ago, I really loved the isolation, and being alone at a good spot. Now, all my real surf buddies have moved away or just dont charge anymore. I can't even convince half my friends to surf a reef, any reef with me... So these days, since I surf solo like every day, I really do like to find at least a couple guys...

    In the winter, when its really big, I get kind of bummed when I find a sick spot, paddle out with two guys out, and then as soon as I get out, a big set somes, they take a wave, then they get out... Then I am left out there alone, with no lifeguards and no one in plain sight just surfing sig sh**. That is when you will see me laying on my board with my feet up and stuff. Just sketchy....

    On a warm summer day, with warm water, I will go as far as I can to find an empty spot. I will surf alone all day... But when winter comes, and leashes snap, and rouge sets are out there with very big fish.... No matter your skill level, its nice to have piece of mind... I hate the feeling of being the last dude out in the lineup on a huge day...

    Its easy to say you want to surf alone when its small and warm... we all feel that way. But dont surf super cold, or real big surf alone EVER.

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    I'm also looking for folks to paddle out with in the winter. I started surfing just last winter, but in Florida; so this will be my first real winter surfing, and I get pretty unnerved going it alone. I live in DC now and surf mainly at OC and Va Bch. Right now I'm unemployed and so have no problems getting out during the week. PM me if you're interested.

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    monmouth county
    honestly, it is really common sense wether or not you should surf alone. when it's chest high and mushy definitely try and find an isolated break so you can get more waves for yourself. if it's pumping and overhead heavy barrels, going to a spot with nobody out is probably not the smartest thing. its also always nice to be out with a few buddies and get pitted and come out hearing them stoked for you. just use your gut and you will be fine.

    the other day i paddled out alone before school and nobody was around, pretty scary getting tossed in heavy surf when the sun isn't fully up and half of the people in your town are sleeping haha. but then again, i scored a few barrels and had a fun time