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    152 lib tech skate banana, ride pants, holden jacket

    i need to get this stuff gone for a plane ticket to pr.. i have an 08-09 libtech skate banana 152cm in excelent shape. $240 takes it.. ride alki cargo pants size med in purple. brand new $110. and a brand new holden delcan jacket size small for $85. jacket and pants are 20k's. good stuff

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    $230, $100, $80 if i can get these gone by the weekend...

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    Color and pics of jacket?

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    its a really nice jacket.. 20k 20k. retailed for like 350ish. its to snug for me with two shoulder braces.
    ...i have to find my camera for pics of the board. its an 08/09. no gouges on the bottom, always had a fresh wax on it..such a fun board in the park and pow.. i was able to ride it last winter when hunter got 7ft in a week. handled it no problem.
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    **board sold. $95 for the pants. $75 for the jacket.
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    bump pants- $85 jacket $70 lowest i can go. need the cash, my truck needs some work