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    Yup take the less pay and move to Ocean City, Your kids will thank you. There's nothing better than hearing the surf from your front yard.

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    I'm about 20-25mins outside OCMD (actually trying to make it about 5mins) with family in Baltimore and York (1 set of grandparents in OC). It definitely works and we sure as hell don't visit every weekend (that'd be insane). Also, it's not all you visiting them. They can make the trip too. And trust me, with a kid you're parents aren't going to mind coming to visit.

    Check out possibly commuting some as others have mentioned. I work in Salisbury. You could check out other places to work that aren't so seasonal dependent like Berlin, Salisbury, Cambridge, Easton etc... (also, check DE).

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    Huh, I had no idea so many people from the Annapolis area. Myself included.

    Just about everything posted has been correct in my eyes. I really identify with having to roll solo down to the beach and losing contact with local friends who want to do 'inland' things. I'm lucky in that my wife loves the beach (but doesn't surf). So when it's warm, we'll make the trip together. On Friday I'll look at the forecast and see which day is shaping up to be better for surf. Then we go on that day. Sometimes I'll make the trip Sat and Sun. Unfortunately I don't have relatives or friends who live close to the beach so we don't stay overnight.

    I also agree that there's tradeoffs. Like during the summer, after a full day's work I'll come home and mow the lawn for 2 hrs, sometimes til 9pm. Just cause I know I won't have time on the weekend.

    So being an inland surfer is doable. "Hardcore" is in the eye of the beholder. Who's more hardcore? The guy who drives 2.5 hrs each way every weekend or the guy who surfs everyday when he see's the surf from his porch? I don't know. And it really doesn't matter one bit. Don't worry about 'hardcore'. It's a state of mind.

    Distance makes the heart grow fonder. I'm happy as a pig in **** in sloppy waist to chest. And when OH and clean, it's like it's another level.

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    I feel like it really makes you appreciate the session a lot more since you don't get to do it as often. I'm about 90 minutes from the spot i usually surf, if that's not working it's just driving until you find one that is working and of course it's worth it. I certainly don't make all the swells such as the last one, like everyone else said it's just something you've got to face, you make it if you can. Hard to do it this time of the year if you work during the day, lucky for me I work 2nd and 3rd shifts which leaves the dawn patrol window open. Hope everything works out for you and yours best of luck mahalo.