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    AI article in Outside magazine

    in case anybody missed the andy irons article in outside magazine:

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    great article. i think its lame that a surfing publication doesnt have the balls to put something like this in print.

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    Yeah it is a good article, just really sad. I had no idea his drug/alcohol problems were really that extensive...

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    definitely a good read, im interested to hear the actual results from the toxicology reports

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    I think the surf mag's should definitly publish this, in no way to mar his reputation or name, but rather start something that will hopefully in the near future protect many other professionals and young surfers alike. Evan Slater I believe was quoted in saying, "It's a tight nit community, we keep it hush hush," many really have to ask themselves, is someones repuatation or life more important.

    If this isn't a wakeup call to everyone to evaluate where they are and apreciate what they have, i dont know what is. God bless him, and I know regardless Andy will watch over his son from up above as he grows up in his fathers wake.