well my 4/3 is definitely not cutting it anymore and i need to upgrade to a 5/4 or 6/5. this is going to be my first winter so im not looking for anything special just something to get me going and last through this winter until i can afford a new one next year. the cheaper the better so if you have an old suit laying around that you dont use anymore then ill gladly take it off of youre hands. i need some gloves and booties too since mine are only 3mm so if you have some 5mm or 7mm gloves or booties id be interested in them too.

im a size small in most wetsuit brands (5'8" 140lbs) and i wear a size 8-9 in boots and size medium gloves.

i can scrape together some cash but if you snowboard then i have plenty of snowboard gear to trade if anyones interested in that. let me know what you got, thanks