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    SALE 7 mm boots!!!

    i got a pair of xcel drylock 7 mm round toe boots SIZE 12 - ive used like 5 times... not a fan of the round toe so if anyone wants them i'm thinkin 50 bucks is fair they are in pretty much new condition. let me know - im in belmar nj

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    holy ****, my feet were freezing today in 5 mils! they are leaky though

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    really... noone wants these???!!

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    probly not too many size 12's on here

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    I would be interested to buy for my son but the price is what I can buy retail. I am going to buy a pair at the discount shops for $30 but would prefer Xcel that I wear. If that works I am in, if it is too low I understand

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    $ way!!!!

    not to bust ur balls, but i just bought a BRAND NEW pair of 7mil xcel-infi-dry lock boots 2day for $50 from a surf shop. ur gonna have to ask $30-35 for used.

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    not to bust ur balls
    What other purpose could your response to this thread serve. I've seen this several times on this forum when someone is trying to sell something, and I really don't get it. The worst was about a month back when someone wa strying to sell a board, a HIC I think, and it had a bad pressure dent on the deck. The guy was pretty much attacked for his asking price.

    If you think the price is too high, and don't want to buy someones stuff, why not just move on. That common courtesy is common on most other forums.

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    That common courtesy is common on most other forums.[/QUOTE]

    Common courtesy to me is is just letting a young lad know he is being HAD! LIKE I SAID, "just bought a pair 2day for the same price!" Question 4u, "Why didn't you just move-on and ignore a quote that had nothing to do with you?" Happy Holiday!