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Thread: Griffin Modfish

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    Griffin Modfish

    Don't know if posting sale items is allowed here, but I have a Griffin Modfish in pristine condition I'm looking to get rid of. Epoxy 6'1" 20 3/4 2 5/8 300 bucks OBO

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    pm sent w/ lots of questions.

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    PM answered thanks

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    Price? Pics?

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    Here's craigslist ad for it with pics
    The dark little thread spots are just grass blades
    Just dropped the price to 300
    It is sitting on consignment rack at WRV for anyone who would like to feel it up

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    300 bucks, dark slivers in pics are just grass blades
    Its on consignment rack at WRV for those who want to feel it up

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    pics added black slivers on board is grass. White Diamond same length for comparison

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    Just for you guys taht dont know about Gregg Griffin's stuff the fin set in this board (not sure if the fins come with it) but the fin set is about $120 for a five fin Griffin set maybe even more now...... Sexy looking griffin but way too big for me. I like it though, like the roberts better but i do like it.

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    YUP Fins come with PRICE IS 275 it's sitting at WRV waiting for you

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    Not that it helps but that's an awesome board