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    "The Popcorn" - James Brown
    barely any words and a short song, but I could put this track on repeat and listen to it for hours and still get amped from hearing it the 100th time...haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by wallysurfr View Post
    why do I only recognize two band names on this whole thread?
    I have 2 guesses.

    1) Your Old School and you rock all the originals: Zep, AC/DC, Frank Zappa, The Who, Tom Petty, Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc. (which is no where near a bad thing) and believe that almost all of the music nowadays is just banging of trashcan lids and lyrics about sex, killing someone, or how to rape a skank.

    2) You listen to mainstream music, like whats on the radio.

    I would take take the bands you see on this thread and check out all of their music, i bet most of em you'll enjoy.

    but those are my guesses and i could be totally off

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    the navesink banks by gaslight anthem

    and carol of the bells by august burns red (since its almost christmas)

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    Marilyn Manson - Beautiful People (heard it on 96x the other day and Ive gotten back into a lot of manson)

    Mickey Avalon - Romeo and Juliet

    Sorry I have two right now

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    Quote Originally Posted by cgrizzard View Post
    Marilyn Manson - Beautiful People (heard it on 96x the other day and Ive gotten back into a lot of manson)

    Mickey Avalon - Romeo and Juliet
    Sorry I have two right now
    speaking of mickey avalon mine is my ****.

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    Wolfmother...any song...but partial to Tales from the Forest of that song!

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    allman brothers- blue sky

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    Quote Originally Posted by livin4thesummer1 View Post
    empire ants - gorillaz
    Effin Right man!!!! Great song

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    Quote Originally Posted by conway View Post
    Barely any? How do you reckon?
    They had 3 total albums. 1 of which was kind of crap and the other 2 are nevermind and In Utero. The band was around for 4 years. Everything else is just ablums of old live shows and crap like that.

    Nevermind was good. In Utero was pretty good. Other than that, the dudes were useless. Some people in my generation look at Kurt Cobain as some musical geneous. I dont see it that way. He was a coward who made a few decent albums while slipping ni and out of Heroin binges....

    4 years, 3 albums (2 that are relivant) and then he died. Nirvana is the most overrated band ever.

    If Kurt Cobain lived longer, they would have just made worse and worse music. You can only really call a band legendary etc if they put out a TON of material, ALL OF WHICH is awesome.... He proved nothing to me. He had a few hits. Big deal.

    He was on the forefront of "grunge" which was whiney and cool at the time, but his music doesn't come close to legendary. Just another washed up junky who never amounted to sh**.

    At least sublime dropped like 6 or 7 albums. At least you can look at their body of work and be like, man all of sublimes music was rad. All of it. They rocked us out for over a decade....

    Nirvana was just a flash in the pan... Kurt Cobain knew that his best material was already recorded and that he would never be able to live up to it.... He ran out of lyrics. Had no more ideas. So he chewed on a 12 guage.

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    I heard this song for the first time in about 12 years

    FishBone Jamaica Ska