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Question for the brain trust...

Below are pictures of a 10" x 29" Powell & Perralta I bought in the mid 80's. I am a young 50 y.o. learning to surf (just started last fall w/a SUP). Currently I am working with a 9' SUP (just stepped up to a nice responsive board that is designed for surfing) and I am working at bottom turns and going "down the line", either right or left. Need to build up speed, etc.

The discussion of this thread has sparked my interest and I've dusted off the old board below. My questions are:
1. Will this board be good/helpful for my surfing/carving, etc. (as discussed in this thread)?
2. Should I loosen the trucks a little to get more "play" and "carving" action. They are "Independent" trucks and seem a little stiff -- although I can do 180 kick turns.
3. What are some things I should be doing with it? Hills? Pumping through flat lots? (This may already be answered somewhere in this thread, so I can do some review)
4. Anyone do any work with Kahuna sticks or facsimiles? Looks like a good core workout that would translate to paddling.

Thanks in advance and I appreciate all the good knowledge that is shared on this forum.

That's a sick board, you could probably get a decent amount of money for it to put towards a carver if you wanted. Those old Caballeros are pretty collectible. Don't just loosen the trucks, you don't want any slop. Your best bet is to go with looser trucks and upgrade the bushings to allow for some better carving. Check out bones hardcore bushings, they are great with Independents. Any skating will help your surfing, just go cruise around and have fun man!