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Thread: NISSAN for SALE

  1. NISSAN for SALE

    Its a 1995 nissan 240 sx se $2,500
    -192,000 miles runs great!
    -the body is is ok shape. a few dings and alittle rust around the back fenders
    -the inside is almost perfect.
    -brand new battery.
    -2 ok snow tires
    -all stock.
    -I picked it up as another drift car but just dont have the time to mess with it .

    If interested just shoot me a email.

  2. #2 and of course craigslist .. shouldnt take long to sell an S14!

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    That would be nice to drop my 408 Stroker in with my Tremec thats sittin on the stand right now but thats a bit outa my price range and I would gut it instantly . That would actually make a nice first car for someone or a commuter car

  4. Little Bump!

  5. Sold!!!!! THANKS GUYS