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    The point

    My family and I are staying with friends at their beach house for new years. So far i thought all hope was lost to catch some surf or get a skim sesh in until they took us to a place called the point. The point is at the very end of oak island at the mouth of the inner coastal waterway and is one sick spot for surfing and skimboarding alike. First off, there's a few sandbars about 200 yds out that break really nicley for surfing even if its pretty much flat everywhere else. Plus there's a spot about a quater mile to the north of the sandbars that is a great shore break and gives off great liners for skimboarding. This spot is definitley worth checking out!!!

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    Thanks! time you surf it expect to see 30 unhappy people out

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    The best thing about secret spots is that they are secret

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    eh not really a secret spot haha?

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    not anymore

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    It never was, plus theres barley any surfers down there anyways, i was just trying to point out a good break and you have to go and talk some ****.

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    not talking junk buddy, just trying to give you some advice.
    Don't let me get your panties in a wad