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Thread: World Tour 2011

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    haha...while it WOULD b sick 2 see thu world'z best rippin head high turtlez on uh 'cane swell, it's just waaaaaaaaaay 2 incunsistent here, even in that peak time frame uv 'cane seezun...they might score like 1 day but they need several dayz 2 run's 2 sketchy 4 thu asp...maybeey outer banks or nova scotia, but that's still east coast, and thu east coast can b crankin 1 week or flat months on end. they should just do 2 contests in cali, 1 @ trestles and thu uther @ santa cruz secret spots...

    note thu word "tentative" on the schedule az well...

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    I posted this a month ago and no one believed it

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    Id like it to happen, but honestly, really? there wud have to be a 3 month waiting period...There are other ASP surf spots, just not near us

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    Let's not flatter ourselves about the quality of our breaks. New York City is the biggest media market in the entire world. Number one. Like the Transworld article says, if the contest were based purely on wave quality/consistency, you'd have to figure it would either be on the Outer Banks (or out at Montauk). Yet everything points to Long Beach based on its proximity to the city.