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    advice on puerto rico trip?

    Hey everyone I live in New York and I'd love to get down to PR this month if I can. Problem is I've never flown before and I don't know anything about the best airline to go on with a board, where to stay, and where are the best surf spots. If anyone would care to share some tips I would appreciate it.

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    jet blue from jfk to aguadilla less than $500 sometimes less than $300. boardbag only $50 each way on jetblue plus first check bag free unlike any other airline. It will be $100-200 each way on any other airline. Rincon is the most touristy and surfer friendly. watch out for bedbugs in the cheap hotels. Aguadilla gets really good and is pretty uncrowded while the kids are in school. Strip club in Isabella. have fun

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    Thanks a mill! It didn't work out this time around but I'm planning to get down next year. I'll keep your tips in mind.

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    mict2000 Guest

    Ocean nailed it

    everything he said is right on 100%. Rincon is somewhat inconsistent but better quality usually. I live in Isabela and we get more swell but unless its south wind, it's pretty much sideshore all day, but there are waves probably 325 days out of the year. It's a lot more localized of a crowd but like anywhere, if you have respect you will have no problems. A smile and a "buenas dias" goes a long way here. Leave nothing in your rental cars as , like anywhere, rental cars are targets. PR is a great vacation and you will love this place!