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    Long Beach Dec '10

    Has been a long December surf wise here at LBNY. Jersey got that mega swell, New England had more one nice swell. I was stranded in Manhattan for the blizzard and missed the blizzard swell. I heard it wasn't great with mega offshores. Swells just seemed to not hit us right. We got waves for a stretch before Christmas and my spot was not working at dawn with peak high tides. The cam at low tide in the middle of the day looked a lot better.

    Combined with being the month with the least amount of daylight....I am in an episode of the twilight zone.

    Thinking of flying somewhere with swell for the upcoming three day weekend. Its my own personal Search world tour stop. Blow off some cash irresponsibly. lol

    Stay positive ya'll and pray for surf.

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    I spent the entire day of the blizzard between cams and reports, and although some of the cams looked do-able, the sheer spray coming off the lips and the lack of people out (not to mention the 24 inches of snow and multiple plow-ins) cast some serious doubt on whether there would be any fun involved in going out. A week and a half of vacation on LI and only had half an hour in the water to show for it with just a handful of waves. First time ever skunked in Montauk too.

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    Barreled in the blizzard

    im glad im not any one of your psychiatrists.
    there were clean waist high waves the sunday of the blizzard. nice little barrels
    yes sometimes living in new york implies that you might have to make a trip to the
    dirty jerz here and there. and **** if u can afford it get out of the state and get on the most crowded spots ever.

    complain all you want. this fall had some sweet swells and id wait another month even if i only get one overhead day of bomb surf

    we got it eazy because we dont have to deal with crowding and kooking
    atleast till the summer...but everywhere is the same.

    chin up ya'll
    just dont believe the hype
    stay cool
    and the waves will keep comming

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    I was just in Guanacaste, Costa Rica..Was stoked for months on end about the trip only to find when i got there there was no swell. I still had a blast but now there is a perfect swell coming in there so I would get your ass to Playa Grande or somewhere like tht...

  6. dont worry, blizzard swell wasnt much of a swell at all...dont think anybody really actually scored, might say they did. but im sure they did of the idea of gettting away for a bit, GO FOR IT......arrived in peniche portugal 3 days ago and have been surfing 3x daily since....not to mention the conditions might as welll be epic since its 60degrees and the waves never really get below chest high here during the go for it! no reason to live in NY if your a surfer. no reason to live in NY in the winter PERIOD. get out!!!

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    Was not able to get out of the house during the day of the blizzard, but from some of the cams, it did seem do able. Christmas day offered pretty consistent lefts. Though small it was still awesome to be in the water.

    I got no doubt that the waves will be back soon for us!

  10. waves have never been in NY to begin with