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    It's just really cool to have a "mysto" spot in the mid-Atlantic, especially one that sits right out on broad daylight.

    I've been driving over the bridge since the late 70's, and this was the first time I'd ever seen anybody out. The best looking days - at least while trying to watch the road and the waves - seem to be Northeaster type of days. The waves are large enough to really wrap around the point, and the Northeast wind is actually "offshore." The only thing on a day like that is that it would be a really long and bumpy boat ride if you were coming from the VA Beach side.

    One more shot from Danielle. It was Sunday 8/29/10.
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    SUPER fickle. like super duper uper fickle. Me and 2 friends tracked a storm last year and everything was perfect, wind was right, tide was right, swell direction was right... so we chartered a small fishing boat ($200) and headed out. WEAK SOUP! barely surfable. I too have heard tales of spitting tubes at this place, but iv pretty much given up on it. There are other spots that are more predictable in north winds on the eastern shore.

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    Exactly what it looked like the day we got the photos....

    But kudos for the effort and passing on the experience.

    Very cool to hear firsthand. Thanks!

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    Sequence from Isabel while driving north after being evacuated from Hatteras Island. Perfect curls just kept rolling and rolling through. Waves estimated at around 8 foot.

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    The more you know!

    apparently, if you dont have a boat, dont even try.
    I wanna check this place out too though

    also, check out the other islands listed. apparently they have some pretty good breaks too

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    I have surfed there a handful of times and only got a good twice. But when its on and connecting all the way to the inside its as good as pavones. The thing is it prob breaks several times a year, but as far as it breaking like an actual pointbreak, that happens maybe once every few years. Last time I saw it like that was during Bill and it was only really good for about 5 hours. The thing alot of people dont realize is its super tide dependent. The morning i checked it during bill it was flat and then 6 hours later at high tide it was head high perfection.

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    I was doing some digging and trying to find some lesser known spots in the Delmarva area and inevitably stumbled upon Fisherman's Island and the point near Tom's Cove. I did my best to research through the old Swellinfo posts and tried to find out as much as about these two spots as I could. With all the information I could find, it looks like the Tom's cove point is the more likely bet....Based on the position of the south west facing beach, it looks like a direct south swell would peel off really nicely. Does the shadow of OBX affect south swells hitting it head on, or is it far enough away that it doesn't affect it?

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    I've done a lot more reading about mysto spots than surfing them. Anyways, I saw the clip above a while back, then I saw this thread. The place really isn't a secret, it's in plain view from the bridge like what was mentioned earlier. The secret is more like in what conditions will the place start to work.

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    Ok I was coming back from VA Beach back in they still have that 17th ST Summer surf series contests? oh well never mind. Was heading back to Jersey and saw that place going mental. Hurricane Gabriele I think. Easily head to bottom and peeling damn close to that bridge thingy. Best wave I've ever seen in person. Was like a crazy dog in that car.....going nuts. Yeah, I used to get excieted about things back then.

    Yeah I told y'all we just don't get swells like we used to, but nature does run in cycles.

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    Fisherman's sounds/ looks like an epic spot if you catch it right. has anyone surfed the point by Tom's cove? that spot looks like it could peel forever on a proper south swell with northeast winds...all the conditions that would make ocean city junk